It’s fascinating what will spark the public’s imagination – in this case it is a girl. Called Binkie West. Now minor Twitter phenomenon.

It all started with a delicious puff-piece in the Telegraph as part of their ‘Royal Wedding Countdown’.

Whilst practising her new signature the full horror of her married name dawns on ‘Mrs. Binkie Peacock’.


The relevance of the piece seems to be solely because she’s getting married near the time of the royal wedding and will give a bit of PR to a load of spas/salons. I imagine in these tough times Annabel’s nightclub probably needs a bit of a boost.

“Even today, one guest has said they’d like to buy a more personal gift not on the list, so this morning I visited my favourite shop in Cranleigh to chose something.”

The paper has already disabled comments on the article and not only is #Binkie one of the top trends on Twitter but you can follow the obligatory hoax account here:

NB I am reliably informed her father-in-law is called Chris Peacock. Say it fast. Yeah. You couldn’t make it up.

Is it a hoax? Is it journalism? Unfortunately it’s neither.

And now for something truly refined to make up for it – Jamie xx’s sublime remix of Glasser’s ‘Tremel’

Glasser – Tremel (Jamie xx Remix)