Everyone’s a critic.

In a bid to talk more about what I actually do and post a little more frequently I’m going to shamelessly start ripping off the sterling work done at DAVID Reviews, with short posts about work and trends from the UK ad industry and beyond.

No doubt this will mostly consisting of things I’m too scared to write on Campaign Live for fear of getting embroiled into some hackneyed running gag with ‘Sue Turner’, ‘Grilla’ and co.

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

*     *     *

Brand: Intel Inside

Title: The Chase

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

First up is this great little viral for Intel, a brand not well-known for great creative. The idea is neat, if executed more excitingly by Google and B-Reel here and reminiscent of the multi-window extravaganza that was ‘The Wilderness Downtown’ (also by Google and B-Reel) A lot of care has obviously gone into the writing with some lovely little touches at the end.