Brand: Intel

Title: Museum of Me

Agency: n/a

I little expected to dedicate two posts in the space of a few months to campaigns from processor-giant Intel but this proved stratospherically popular upon its release yesterday and for good reason.

It’s a fantastically simple use of Facebook Connect technology and whilst the idea is relatively basic the execution is stunningly detailed and well-finished. The experience leaves me feeling both hugely big-headed about being portrayed as the epicentre of any kind of social network whilst also highlighting the rather inane things I appear to ‘Like’ on a daily basis and the number of ‘friends’ I don’t recognize from Adam.

As an awareness driver it’s proving to be hugely successful and, as BR Wall points out, the fact that you don’t need to ‘Like’ Intel to take part alongside the staggeringly high amount of people who have chosen to do so anyway is possibly the most refreshing aspect of the whole thing. There you go marketeers – do something simple, do it well, and let the people decide.