I’m currently rather obsessed with messing about on iMovie. I’ve never been good with things like this but it is incredible how intuitive a piece of software it is. Mess about for long enough and anything seems to look reasonably good. Add this to the fact that the HD camera on the iPhone 4 is something of a minor marvel and you get the picture.

In fact you get two videos of people you don’t know larking about. One features a nice jaunt to the seaside and the other is of a recent wedding that coincided with the Chelsea Arts Club’s annual Festival of the Nine Muses at Milton Manor in Oxfordshire. This festival was an odd one but great fun nonetheless. Think ‘eccentric gentry reciting Homer and Aeschylus at one another in the grounds of a decaying stately home’ and you get the picture.

Yes, the videos are a bit ‘new-age-fun-with-a-vintage-feel’. Yes, you’re probably not interested in seeing people you don’t know. Yes, you could probably do better on Final Cut Pro. But it’s my blog so tough.

The Smith Westerns – ‘Weekend’

G-Swing Feat. Le Major Melon – ‘La Voix Humaine’