So the summer’s over. It didn’t last long. You may have missed it if you were in the bath or doing the ironing. No problem, Vondelpark are hear to bring it kicking and screaming back into your rain-soaked day.

Some great records were released in the first half of the year; some, like The Horrors’ Skying and Metronomy’s English Riviera, were perfect accompaniments to the great British summer. However, after stumbling upon the second EP from Vondelpark, all other records were knocked into 2nd place.

I don’t know a great deal about these guys but I’m reasonably confident in saying that they’re from Surrey, there’s three of them and they make haunting 2-step electronica using samples, minimal guitar chords and loosely scattered vocals.

There are elements of the xx’s sonic landscape in their blend of crisply produced beats and elongated guitar lines but, on the whole, Vondelpark’s sound is richer and less stark than that of the Mercury prize-winners.

From the opening chords of ‘TV’ to the distant shimmer of the single vocal line on ‘Outro for nyc’, their sophmore EP ‘nyc stuff and nyc bags’ is simply stunning. I dug up their more upbeat debut release ‘Sauna’ which is equally good but without the maturity displayed in their later compositions.

I’m really looking forward to seeing where these guys go next, their live act needs polishing but a debut full-length must surely be on the cards for 2012 at least.

Stretch out the summer with three tracks below.

‘TV’ from nyc stuff and nyc bags EP

‘Hipbone’ from nyc stuff and nyc bags EP

‘California Analog Dream’ from Sauna EP